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Two Histories. One Future

On November 23, 2010, Living Waters Athletics was born and began its inaugural season in January 2011. The club changed its name to i5 Elite in 2013 to coincide with Living Waters Worship Center’s name change to i5 Church. The club was born out of a desire to serve the community and create a low-cost program that nurtured and developed youth mentally, physically, academically, and spiritually. In its 10 years of existence, i5 Elite build up and sent over 200 youth to D1 and D3 schools across the United States on full scholarships.

In March of 2021, i5 Elite became Union Athletics as a result of the merger of two local churches: Destiny Church and i5 City Church in Maryland. With many similarities between both churches, our union has allowed us to better serve our community and in turn better serve our athletes.

Our name may have changed, but our commitment remains the same. Union athletics will continue to provide the rich, excellent, and caring experience that our community has come to love.

Union Athletics is dedicated to building adolescents into superior athletes, and to developing a desire in young people for excellence in education while instilling valuable life skills.

We have a coaching staff made up of former athletes who have excelled in various sports at the college level with an extensive background in speed development, endurance training, core training, technique, and sportsmanship. They come together to provide the environment and systems that enhance your child(s) athletic ability, teach your children life skills, build character and integrity as well as foster mentoring and peer accountability.

Our coaches are excited to partner with parents to meet the individual goals of the athletes while promoting academic excellence. Through these core values and hard work of athletes we have placed athletes in schools such as USC, Florida, Auburn, Stanford, High Point, Univ. of Maryland, St. Francis (PA), Rutgers, and Wheeling Univ. (WV). Many with full scholarships.

  • Provide a safe physical environment
  • Communicate in a positive way
  • Teach the fundamental skills of track and field
  • Teach the rules of track and field
  • Direct athletes in competition
  • Help your athletes to become fit and to value fitness for a lifetime
  • Make it fun to get fit, and make it fun to participate in sports so that your athletes will stay fit for a lifetime
  • Help young people develop character
  • Teach athletes the importance of healthy food choices and good nutrition

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Our Coach Requirements

  • Successfully complete a background check.
  • Have knowledge of the sport or a specific discipline of the sport.
  • Have a firm Christian faith.
  • Love working with youth.