Track & Field

Union Athletics Track & Field continues to grow and establish itself as a force in the world of track and field. Being the home to some of the nation’s best youth athletes makes Union Athletics a household name around the nation.

All our staff members and coaches are highly equipped and are background checked and have competed in the Safe Sport course through USATF.

Indoor Season

Registration for the 2022 Indoor Track Season is live! The season begins on December 6. Interested in being a part of Union Athletics? Click on the link below.

Registration Requirements

League Information

Cost: $300

Paid via cash, credit card or certified check to Union Athletics.

This fee covers training, all track meets, and AAU & USATF registration.

Additional costs include:

$75: Uniform

$50: Warm-up

$50: Team backpack


Please provide a birth certificate and report cards

Team Requirements

Our students are trained to be superior athletes and model youths that make an impact in their community and act as an example to their peers. Because of this, we expect all student-athletes to follow the below requirements.

Forms & Policies

It is expected that athletes and parents sign all consent, registration, & emergency forms prior to participation with Union Athletics.


All Athletes must maintain at least a 2.3 GPA throughout the season. Progress reports or report cards must be provided with registration materials. No Exceptions! Tutors can be provided upon request depending on availability.

  • All team members are expected to be completely dressed in the ‘team’ uniform during meets.
  • All athletes should be dressed appropriately for the weather conditions at practices & meets.
  • Appropriate footwear should be worn. No athlete should attempt to run in basketball shoes, etc.
  • Jeans, dresses, skirts, pajamas, or tight-fitting pants are never to be worn to practice.

Athletes should always show respect for team members, coaches, parents, officials, and opponents during meets or practices.

Community & Fundraising
  • We expect that athletes not only represent Union Athletics during meets and practices but also in their community.
    It is expected that ‘all’ athletes participate in club related fundraisers when notified.
Practices + Training
  • It is expected that all athletes come and participate in all scheduled practices when possible.
  • It is expected that athletes give 100% during practices and meets.
  • All athletes must always show respect to coaches and parents while participating in Union Athletics practices and or meets.
  • Athletes are responsible for all their own property during practices and meets.
  • It is expected that parents communicate well in advance when athletes will not be participating in a meet. (This is critical when your child is apart of a relay).
  • It is expected that athletes be “on time” for all meets and practices.
  • During meets no athlete should be off to themselves (We implement the “buddy system”).
  • It is expected that parents listen to their athlete’s event and have them ready before they are taken to the bullpen.

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Our Coach Requirements

  • Successfully complete a background check.
  • Have knowledge of the sport or a specific discipline of the sport.
  • Have a firm Christian faith.
  • Love working with youth.